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STMGC Code of Conduct

The board has created a new Code of Conduct and be read here.


STMGC 2018 Membership Renewal

Current member renewal contact


STMGC 2017 Timing Stats

Below is the data from all events played at Santa Teresa for 2017. Minutes represents the time it took for a group to finish the 18th hole of the group in front of them. # is players for the year and what percent of the field on average finished behind for the year.  Ideally everyone should finish 10 minutes or less behind, based on the data 50.5% of 2017 participants meets the goal. If you like to know your ranking email

Minutes # Avg
8 or Less 84 16.0%
9 & 10 181 34.5%
11 & 12 116 22.1%
13 & 14 74 14.1%
15 or More 70 13.3%
525 100.0%


Putting - Should you use a line on your ball

I read this interesting article. (I use a single dot to focus on)



Do you know your Local Rules?


Facebook Pictures of STMGC

I know you may not use Facebook but you can still check out pictures of our club and events. Jon Kies has been managing our site and added some new pictures from our weekend event. Take a look. Facebook page


STMGC Accurate & Long Drive Contests

Accurate Drive Competition on #8 and a Long Drive Competition on #17. Of course you need to pay to play.

The object of the Accurate drive is the same as Closest to the Pin except it is how close to the line on hole #8. Place the Marker next to where your tee shot landed. If your drive is closer to the line than the prior entrants drive move the marker to your ball location and cross out the other name. Distance off the tee box is not important.

Handicapping FAQ

Adjusting Hole Scores for Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)™

Q.  What is the current method for adjusting my hole scores under Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)?

A.  ESC is an adjustment of individual hole scores (for handicap purposes) in order to make handicaps more representative of a player's potential ability. ESC is applied after the round and is only used when the actual score or the most likely score exceeds a player’s maximum number. ESC sets a limit to the number of strokes a player can take on a hole depending on Course Handicap™. Apply ESC to all scores, including tournament scores. Below is the maximum number a player can take:

Course Handicap Maximum Number
9 or less Double Bogey
10-19 7
20-29 8
30-39 9
40 and above 10

Please visit Section 4-3 of the USGA Handicap System manual for further reference.


STMGC Allows use of Smartphones

  • STMGC adopted a local rule for the use of Smartphones as a Distance Measuring Device (DMD) during competition (see local rules)

  • Read the FAQ if your DMD application meets the guidelines

  • Read the guidelines for use during tournaments


We're Now on Facebook   
Santa Teresa Men's Golf Club has a Facebook page. It's intended as a supplement to our website and to provide additional social information.


About Santa Teresa Men's Golf Club


Benefits of Joining STMGC  


We offer two Membership levels  


Full Membership

·   Receive NCGA Membership and a GHIN for tracking your scores and establish your handicap index

·   Test your game in competition

·   Enjoy a variety of monthly tournament events at Santa Teresa Golf Course:

 o  Individual, 2-Man & 4-Man flighted formats

 o  NCGA Qualifier events

  o  Annual Club Championship in September

 o  Yearly Member/Guest event

·   NCGA Qualifier events (Club pays all entry fees going forward)

·   Tournament of Champions year-long competition final held at Poppy Hills or Poppy Ridge

·   Three Away tournaments on Saturday at other Bay Area courses

·   NCGA Team Match play against local clubs 

·   Membership in the Northern California Golf Association

o  NCGA Member discounts at Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge (See all NCGA benefits here)  

·   Receive a $20 credit for every new member referred to your club


Associate Membership

·  Receive NCGA Membership and a GHIN for tracking your scores and establish your handicap index

 ·  This membership option is for those that are not interested in tournament play within Santa Teresa Men's Club, but want to enjoy all the other benefits of a Full Membership.  

·  Option to enter STMGC event for $20

Application to Join STMGC



STMGC Charter
The Santa Teresa Men's Golf Club (STMGC) was formed in 1962 to achieve the following objectives:

  • To conduct well-organized golf competitions.

  • To foster, encourage, promote, advance, and create interest in the practice of, and enjoyment of golf (to include enhancing respect for the Rules of Golf, and discouraging slow play as needlessly limiting the enjoyment of the game).

  • To promote social friendship among, and to furnish recreation to its members.

In addition to publishing the most up-to-date results of Tournaments, Competitions, etc, this web-site serves as a repository of results dating back to 2000.

Contact Info
Website related concerns: webmaster.
Tournament Entry concerns:
All other inquiries: Secretary-Treasurer.

Send all tournament entries and membership renewals


1167 La Rochelle Terrace, Unit C

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Privacy Policy
The STMGC Privacy Policy is here!

Website or Email Issues
If you're having issues with the website or need to update your email address to receive our monthly emails, please contact us at



 Upcoming Tournaments

2018 Schedule of Events

Enter By

Event Date

Entry Form


March 3

March 10~11


NCGA Four-Ball Qualifier

(2M-BB 18.4, @90%)



April 21

April 28~29


NCGA Zone Qualifier

(2M-BB 18.4, @90%)



April 21

May 5th


Spring Away

Saturday @ The Villages



Member Credits            Online entry FAQ          Tournament Info



Results & Standings

Results of Previous Tournaments 

Individual Low Net (ILN) - Saturday's weather cool and warmed up quickly. The sun was out in full bloom which made fir a quite pleasant day. The wind us and the course ran hard and fast. Temperatures of 55-71º. As a group though our pace was all other the place, too many lost balls a the wrong time, it happens.


One player from flight A and Flight B forgot to sign their scorecards and were DQ'd since they did not verify their scores. Luckily they were out of the prize money.


First Flight - Was a tie between won by Walter Robe Net 66 followed closely by Mark Klemzcak Net 67; Darrow, Turecek and Walker all had 68's.

Mark Klemzcak was low gross of 70, pretty sweet day.


Second Flight - David Conmy slid into first with Net 67. Followed by Jim Morocco with Net 68. Steve Ochoa had a hot front nine and then settled down.


Third Flight - Manny Minhoto won with Net 66 ran away with the flight. James Gibson and Joe Lazzeroni were close at Net 69.


Thank you for playing in our February Event.


Check your score and all the detailed results.


Pace of Play: Clocks on 1 and 18. Take a look at the report.

Group 1 played in 4:41 last group 5:14. 

Odd day as 7 groups were off pace due to difficulties on the ending holes.


See the detailed Timing Report.

Timing Summary
Minutes Players / Groups Average
8 or Less 12 / 3 21.4%
9 & 10 16 / 4 28.6%
11 & 12 4 / 1 7.1%
13 & 14 12 / 3 21.4%
15 or More 12 / 3 21.4%
56 100.0%



Keep in mind our POP guidelines and play ready golf so we can all try to finish at the same pace set by the first group.


Pace of Play Policy
All STMGC tournaments are governed by the provisions of our Pace of Play Policy; see here for details.  

See here for tips on how to improve your own pace of play.


Tournament of Champions Standings - 2018

February 17, 2018

See the year to date results here.


Personal Best Standings - 2018
February 17, 2018

Congratulations to the top 3 in each flight.

Personal Best competition info.

Net Summary   Gross Summary

Net Historical   Gross Historical     


Tournament of Champions Standings - 2017

December 9, 2017

See the year to date results here.

Congratulations to all how made the cut. An email will be going out to qualifiers to be played at The Villages on Monday, April 16, 2018 @1PM, Shotgun start.


NCGA Qualifiers 2018





4-Ball Net Championship 

March 10-11

May 24

June 18-19

Zone Championships

April 22-23

June 25-26

August 27-28

Sr 4-Ball Net Championship

June 9

August 8

September 10-11

Net Amateur Championship

July 21

September 6

October 15-16


NCGA Team Match - 2017

STMGC Team Match Info   Registered Players  email: Team Captain

NCGA Team Match Info     Match Play Group Results (S-14)

Date Time Match Result
June 3 9 AM vs. Pajaro Valley 18-18  T
June 11 1 PM @ Pajaro Valley 28-8    L
July 1 10 AM @ Spring Hills 34-2    L
July 22 9 AM vs. DeLaveaga 31-5    W
July 29 9 AM vs. Spring Hills 23-13   L
August 5 12 PM @ DeLaveaga 19-17  W